Dog Walking: on a regular basis or on a one off - if you are going out for the day or if you are unwell we charge £10 for one dog and £5 extra each for each additional. This includes picking up and dropping home. In the winter we return your pet as clean and dry as possible, We are equipped with portable showers and loads of towels.  In the summer we have cooling blankets and bowls of cold water for all the dogs. The van has windows so all the dogs can see out. Dogs can be walked in friendly small groups or can we can arrange a separate walk for animals that require special attention.

Doggie daycare: we can collect your dog between 09.30 and drop them home when best suits you.  Your pet will have two good walks and all the care as agreed for £20.

We can care for the young or old so whatever your pets requirements we will take great care of them.

In Home Care: While looking after animals in their home, we will ensure that your animals normal routine is as unchanged as possible.  We will take in your post, take out your rubbish and water your plants inside and out. Open and shut curtains to make it look like someone is home. 

Cat Sitting Service: we can visit your home once a day for £10 or twice a day for £16. In this time we can feed clean litter trays, water plants take in post etc.

Boarding: We also offer a boarding service for your pets, we can care for your animals as if they were our own. For dogs it is £25 per night.  They can be walked twice a day and someone will be with them while they are with us.  

For the smaller animals, rabbits and guinea, etc we can have them in our garden.  We have cages here or we can use their own which ever you prefer. At a charge of £5.00 per day per cage. 

We can care for hamsters and other small critters in their cages at our home for £5 per cage per day.

Our home is available for viewing at any time to put your mind at ease. We also have a selection of pictures featuring our own animals in our picture gallery section. 

Pet Taxi: as required for short or long journeys to ferry your animals from A to B in a secure and specialised vehicle. This can include visits to the vet or grooming parlours. Prices are individual to the specific requirements. 

Puppy Walking: We also run a FREE Puppy Walking Service, this is for new dog owners who want to socialize their new puppy or dog with a nice pack of dogs. We do morning and afternoon walks which you can join us on. This is a great opportunity to let your new pet off the lead for the first time, ask questions about any issues that you may have.  I can't guarantee to have all the answers but between us we can give you some tips that have worked for us or point you in the right direction.