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Daly Pet Care will cover all of your animals daily needs. We provide a daily pet sitting service to suit your requirements. This includes looking after your pets in their own environment. If you are going on holiday we can look after your pets and home. We can water plants in your house and your garden. We can take in your mail and put out your bins while you are away. We can open and close curtains so it looks like someone is home. We can also bring your pets into our house and care for them as part of our family. We have cages in our garden for your rabbits and guinea pigs or we can visit them in your garden.    

This is Humpy The Howler

Phone:07871 828 146  
Home: 0208 868 2702
Email: annmarydaly@msn.com

Dog Walking on a regular basis or as a one off - if you are going out for the day or if you are unwell. This includes picking up and dropping home. Your dog can be walked in a friendly small group or can we can arrange a separate walk for dogs with special requirements. All dogs will be returned as clean and dry as possible in the winter and as cool as possible in the summer.

Cats do better in their own home when you are away and we offer one visit or two visits per day. 

When we are not using your keys we keep them in a secure key safe.  We never leave keys unattended.  We also offer an emergency service, so if you have locked yourself out or cannot raise an elderly member of your family, we can use our keys to gain access.